Conventional or Synthetic Which Oil Is Best For Your Car

Conventional vs. Synthetic OilA lot of people do not know the difference between conventional and synthetic oil. Conventional oil is produced from drilling fossil fuels from oil deposits below ground whereas synthetic oil is an artificially made lubricant based primarily on crude oil.

Do you know which type of oil you should be putting in your car? Most of the engines in older and American brand cars require conventional oil, natural fossil fuel. This differs from the more recent European makes such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz that require synthetic oil. Some hybrid vehicles also require synthetic oil.

Differences Between Conventional and Synthetic Oil

There are several differences between synthetic and conventional oils. Synthetic oil is known to have improved lubrication, better stability, and reduced breakdown. Many synthetic oils are produced with greater amounts of lubricant added which decreases the wear and tear on the engine parts over time. Because they are made to last longer, synthetic oils can maintain the thickness over long periods of time at higher temperatures. This adds to the oil’s longevity as it will not breakdown. With synthetic oil, you don’t have to worry about changing your oil as often.

Conventional oil is known to be reliable, dependent, and readily available. Conventional oil is reliable and dependable as an engine lubricant. Also, oil is easy to find and readily available in large quantities as it can be drilled easily.

Why Choose Mr. Muffler?

At Mr. Muffler in Westland, we offer both conventional and synthetic oil so you can choose which is best for your car and your needs. We also recommend Castrol as our oil of choice but we have other brands to choose from as well. Our mechanics are the best at what they do and can give you exactly what you need to get you on the road! Furthermore, we offer deals on oil changes! So, come in today to take advantage of our mechanic’s talent and monthly specials!

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