Is It Time for an Oil Change? You Bet!

You might be wondering if it is time for an oil change. Every car owner knows that you need to maintain your oil regularly. Whether it is a sunny, summer day or a cold, winter day, changing your oil is important. But how does the weather affect your car oil? Effect of Winter Weather on […]

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Replace Your Wiper blades: Safety and Savings

Windshield wiper blades are one of the most underrated, yet most needed parts of the car. When they go bad it creates a driving impairment hazard for you and other cars on the road. While easy to ignore, new windshield wiper blades are the simplest way to improve your driving and safety while on the […]

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Brake Wear on Black Ice

Brake wear on black ice is very common during the winter months. Icy conditions always put stress on your car. However, drivers tend to put the most stress because they do not know how to drive safely on icy roads, especially with black ice. So, what kind of break wear is your car going to […]

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Foreign Car Maintenance

The first time you have foreign car maintenance, you have to make a choice. Do I take my car to a dealership or to another car mechanic shop? Because of some differences between domestic and foreign cars, people think they have to see a dealership for maintenance. However, that is not the case. In fact, […]

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Importance of Windshield Wiper Blades

A car part that many people neglect to think about are wiper blades. While often underrated, wiper blades are a huge contributor to car safety. They are essential when it comes to visibility in bad weather as well as dust or mud buildup.¬†Without adequate wipers, the windshield dirties quickly and visibility of the road while […]

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