What to Look For in a Battery Charger

What to look for in a battery charger. It is an important question to ask. During the winter months, your car battery can die faster. As a result, you can experience the frustration of a dead battery in the morning. While replacing your battery is ideal, a car battery charger can start up a depleted […]

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Your Kid’s First Car

As a parent, one of the most stressful things to deal with is your kid’s first car. In addition to having to deal with initial costs, you have to figure out what restrictions you need to have with your son or daughter. That doesn’t include when the inevitable accident happens. Here are some tips to […]

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Importance of Summer Car Inspections

Now that the summer months have hit, it is time for some summer car inspections. The summertime is always busy! Vacations and road trips across the state or country are always on the table. You can even cross the border and explore Canada! Even if you do not have any grand plans, your vehicle is […]

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Dangers and Damage From Vehicle Exhaust Leaks

The dangers and damage from vehicle exhaust leaks cannot be understated. Some of them may be obvious, however, there may be some that you have not considered. While most know that the fumes can be very harmful, less obvious may be the damage that an exhaust leak can do to your vehicle. This article covers […]

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Heavy Vehicle Repairs?

Finding a shop that does heavy vehicle repairs can be a challenge. Let alone finding an auto shop that is willing to do repairs for a decent price. Mr. Muffler repairs customers’ vehicles every single day. However, you might be wondering what heavy vehicles we are willing to work with. So, let’s discuss heavy vehicles […]

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