Muffler’s That’s What We Do

Mufflers and exhaust systems play an important role in the functioning of an automobile. Both help to prevent harmful gases from entering your vehicle as well as help to maintain a quiet ride to your next destination. Without a properly functioning muffler or exhaust system, your car and your health will be in jeopardy. Mufflers […]

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Headlight and Bulb Replacement

Having an out headlight or broken headlight on your car is never a fun or safe situation. Headlights help light the road and keep other drivers aware of where you are on the road. Not being able to see everything during times of limited visibility or at night can put you into a dangerous situation. On top of […]

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Pothole Havoc in Michigan

Have you ever been driving on a road, jamming to your favorite tune, and then all of a sudden your vehicle hits something that sounds frightening? Your immediate response is to turn down your radio, pull over to a safe spot and to check to see what it was that caused that sound. In a […]

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Cold Winter! Is Your Vehicle in Need of a Winter Tune-Up?

There is a good amount of work that goes into preparing for the winter. Whether if it’s cleaning up your yard before the snow hits or even changing your furnace filter, there are steps one should take to be ready for the colder months that lie ahead. A Cold Winter Calls for a Car Tune-Up […]

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Holiday Specials at Mr. Muffler!

There’s something special about receiving gifts around the Christmas holiday. What’s even more special is finding great deals on things that normally would cost you an arm and a leg. This holiday season, Mr. Muffler would like to spread the holiday cheer by offering a variety of special deals for your vehicle. Holiday Specials Galore! You […]

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