Dangers and Damage From Vehicle Exhaust Leaks

The dangers and damage from vehicle exhaust leaks cannot be understated. Some of them may be obvious, however, there may be some that you have not considered. While most know that the fumes can be very harmful, less obvious may be the damage that an exhaust leak can do to your vehicle. This article covers […]

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Heavy Vehicle Repairs?

Finding a shop that does heavy vehicle repairs can be a challenge. Let alone finding an auto shop that is willing to do repairs for a decent price. Mr. Muffler repairs customers’ vehicles every single day. However, you might be wondering what heavy vehicles we are willing to work with. So, let’s discuss heavy vehicles […]

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Battery or Starting Problems With Your Car

Do you have car battery problems? Is your car failing to start up in the mornings or dim headlights? This might mean that you have a bad battery. Having a good battery is important as this is the part that starts the engine and gets the car moving. Furthermore, long-term car battery problems can lead […]

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Is It Time for an Oil Change? You Bet!

You might be wondering if it is time for an oil change. Every car owner knows that you need to maintain your oil regularly. Whether it is a sunny, summer day or a cold, winter day, changing your oil is important. But how does the weather affect your car oil? Effect of Winter Weather on […]

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Replace Your Wiper blades: Safety and Savings

Windshield wiper blades are one of the most underrated, yet most needed parts of the car. When they go bad it creates a driving impairment hazard for you and other cars on the road. While easy to ignore, new windshield wiper blades are the simplest way to improve your driving and safety while on the […]

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