Best Place To Get Your Muffler Replaced!

The season is changing and you need your muffler to work for you. Our name rings bells all around the Westland area for affordable muffler repairs. We are one of Westland’s most reputable auto repair shops. Come visit us to get your vehicle diagnosed or repaired.

Muffler Repair or Replacement in Westland

Do you think that your muffler is broken? Not getting your muffler repaired immediately, can lead to more problems and more money out of your pocket. The loud noises could violate noise ordinanceswestland muffler repair  in different neighborhoods which may lead to you getting a ticket or getting fined by a neighborhood association. Also, if your muffler has a hole in it, it can push carbon monoxide into your vehicle which can cause you to become nauseous, dizzy, and develop headaches. Continued exposure to carbon monoxide can  also lead to death. Signs that would indicate a defective muffler are loud thumping or clunking noises. Rusts and holes on your muffler can also indicate damage.

Based on the this blog post, do you think that you need muffler replacement services in Westland? Mr. Muffler is here to get your car ready for the winter. We are located on Wayne Road in Westland just south of Cherry Hill Road. Mr. Muffler is open from Monday through Friday from 8 am -6 pm and Saturdays from 8 am – 4 pm for all of your full service auto repairs.  Come see us.

Preparing Your Car with Mr. Muffler before Your Summer Vacation Road Trip

Summer vacation road trips are always fun to go on, especially when it’s with your friends and family. There’s no better way to view the Great Lakes in MI, than to travel and experience it for yourself. With that being said, before you plan on going on a road trip for your summer vacation, it is vital to know if your car is in good service to drive. Here at Mr. Muffler, we like to help avoid problems with your car, truck, or SUV before they even arise.

Car Maintenance and Repair Services

We specialize in auto repair servicesSummer Vacation Road Trip such as brake repair or replacement, exhaust system installations and repairs, electrical work, A/C repair and services, engine repair, and shock and strut work. Typically, the most common problem with vehicles are the tires. Mr. Muffler gives great tire inspections and will have your car in tip-top shape for your summer vacation road trip!

If you live in Canton, MI, are considering traveling this summer on a road trip, or are in need of car maintenance, contact us! Located in Westland, we are always giving out cool specials for our customers. Be sure to tell your friends and family about our website and you will receive $10 off on services $50 or more!

Don’t forget: Get your car prepared and serviced at Mr. Muffler before you leave on your summer road trip!! We will detect and educate you on your cars long distance travel status!

Spring In With A New Oil Change

Spring time is coming! Make sure that you incorporate getting your oil changed into your spring cleaning routine. Oil is the blood of your car. It is important to keep clean oil in your car. Recently, we had a child come in with their parent to get an oil change. During the short wait, the child asked one of our staff members what would happen if you never changed the oil in your car. Many people know that you have to get regular oil changes to keep your car healthy, but few know why or what oil changes do.

Here is why you need regular oil changes

Oil is necessary to lubricant your engine. Without clean oil, it will stop lubricating your engine and it will eventually fail. If the oil isn’t changed, the additives like detergent and rust fighters will wear out and the engine will stop being lubricated. Dirt will also begin to accumulate in the oil making it thick which would cause more wear and tear on the engine.

Spring Oil Change

Mr. Muffler in Westland, a full service auto repair shop, is here to service all of your needs. Contact us now.