Importance of Summer Car Inspections

Now that the summer months have hit, it is time for some summer car inspections. The summertime is always busy! Vacations and road trips across the state or country are always on the table. You can even cross the border and explore Canada! Even if you do not have any grand plans, your vehicle is still subject to daily trips to work and errands. Before hitting the road, whether for a long trip or for daily commuting, you should get your car inspected. In fact, everyone should start their summer by getting their car looked at.

Importance of Summer Car Maintenance

The summer season provides unique stressors that can affect your vehicle. Cars are constantly at risk of overheating due to the intense weather. The heat can wreak havoc on your car’s systems causing massive breakdowns. This can lead to issues like:

  • Battery Failures
  • Air Conditioning Problems
  • Tire Replacements
  • Steering Issues

So, how do you avoid these issues?

Checking Your Car

Before you hit the road, there are a few ways that you can help to make sure your car is not going to break down on you.

Before you hit the road, you should check your:


You should check your coolant levels and make sure it is clean. After all, your coolant is essential to keeping your car from overheating. Your coolant should be translucent and clear from contaminants. If it is not, you need to flush your coolant system.

Tire Pressure

The summer heat can drastically affect your car’s tire pressure. Tire pressure increases faster in the summer than in the winter. Tire air pressure increases during the summer and decreases during the winter with lower temperatures. Proper tire air pressure is important year round to the overall wear and performance of your cars tires. Avoid unnecessary wear and dangerous driving conditions by maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires.


During the summer months, people tend to put pressure on their braking system. This causes brake discs and pads to wear down, tearing them apart. It can also cause leaks in your braking fluids line. Most brakes need to be replaced every 30,000-35,000 miles in urban use. In less demanding situations like highway driving in light traffic, brakes may last 80,000 miles or more. It is always a good idea it’s important to have your brakes and braking system inspected before taking a road trip.


Your car’s battery should always be regularly inspected. High temperatures and humidity can help to corrode your car battery and help to weaken it and prematurely end its useful life. In addition to helping to start your vehicle, your car battery has other functions that help to operate your vehicle.

Summer Car Inspection at Mr. Muffler

Don’t feel like you can thoroughly inspect your car? Mr. Muffler can give your car a thorough 21-point inspection to make sure you’re ready to take on the summer! We offer a variety of services to maintain your vehicle like radiator flushes and oil changes! In addition to your car exhaust system and muffler maintenance, we are really known for our outstanding auto service and repair work.

Located in Westland, our mechanics work hard to satisfy our customers. Please avoid the hassle this summer and come to our local auto repair shop today! Finally, be sure to join us on Facebook today.

Tune Ups and Inspections For Your Car

Summer is fast approaching and that means a lot of things, road trips, beach time, and cabins just to name a few. How is your car or truck doing though? Do you wonder if it’s going to make it through the summer? Don’t wait till your broken down on the side of the road, get your car inspected and tuned up from Mr. Muffler.

Why Should I get Tune-Ups Or Inspected?

Mr. Muffler can help inspect and tune ups

Get your car inspected before you break down this summer. Come to Mr. Muffler!

When you have an older car or want to ensure your used car lasts longer. Regular check-ups and tune-ups are part of regular car maintenance. Also, getting your car checked out every oil change isn’t enough to ensure your car’s longevity. You may notice little things that are underperforming, be it your gas mileage, brake squeaks, or a loud noise coming from the engine. Don’t leave these things to chance, or worse, damage your car. Get your car checked out or inspected at Mr. Muffler in Westland.

Here at Mr. Muffler, we have a 21 point inspection that will help keep your car running longer. When you come into Mr.Muffler we’ll check your battery, car belts, fluids levels, filters, and breaks just to name a few. We make sure your car is running well and will be safe to drive on the road before you leave the shop. Make sure Mr. Muffler is part of your car’s pre-summer maintenance before you have any trouble getting your car inspected and tuned up.

When you get your car tuned up at Mr. Muffler, we check all your car’s regular wear and then some. We make sure that your spark plugs are working, check all your wires, and replace them if needed.

Finally, with the summer in full swing, you’ll want to ensure that your car can handle any trips or vacations you have planned, come into Mr. Muffler in Westland today!

Headlight and Bulb Replacement

Having an out headlight or broken headlight on your car is never a fun or safe situation. Headlights help light the road and keep other drivers aware of where you are on the road. Not being able to see everything during times of limited visibility or at night can put you into a dangerous situation. On top of not having the ability to see everything on the road, you also run the risk of being pulled over by a law enforcement officer, which no one wants. No matter what is happening with your headlights, if you need a local mechanic who can help repair your headlights or replace a bulb… choose Mr. Muffler!

Headlight and Bulb Replacement

They say that you should check your headlights once a year or more. Most of us never think about our headlights until we need them. Generally, the first thing we notice is that our lights seem a little dimmer or they start to flicker. Sure getting a full check over while you’re getting an oil change is nice, but an oil change shop can’t repair or replace a broken headlight.

Quick Tip:

Make sure your headlights are clear before jumping the gun and buying a new headlight, sometimes the dim looking lights are simply because the headlights are dirty.

Headlight and Bulb Replacement At Muffler Westland

Even if you are DIY’er or want to figure out how to replace the lightbulb in your headlight, save yourself the trouble and let us help. Why waste the money on a new blub if it’s the entire headlight that needs to be replaced? We can determine which is the problem before you have to blow through a few bulbs and your weekend time.

Save yourself the stress and trouble of replacing a broken headlight, come into Mr. Muffler Westland and let the professionals handle it. Not only will you be getting our expertise, but also our 21 point inspection process. We’ll make sure your car’s headlights are good and ready to go!

Get your appointment today for headlight and bulb replacement!