21 Point Inspection

With hot summer days and cold frigid winter ones, you need to make sure your vehicle is in peak running condition. Mt. Muffler will check everything you need to keep your automobile running smoothly all year long. In addition to the 21-point inspection, we offer deals on great tires and batteries. Keeping your tires in good condition can help you save on gas mileage.

At Mr. Muffler, we want to ensure your vehicle stays running for as long as possible. When you bring your automobile to Mr. Muffler for service, we will perform our 21-point inspection. Also, our inspection will help determine any other issues or needs your car or truck may have. Prevent overheating in the summer and breakdowns in the winter with our inspection. The 21 Point

21-Point Inspection Includes

  • Windshield fluids front and back
  • Wiper blades both front and back
  • All lights and turn signals in the front and back
  • Check for fluid leaks throughout the vehicle
  • Inspect all tensioners, pulleys, and belts
  • Inspect brake fluids
  • Check Power steering and transmission fluids
  • Antifreeze check the strength, electrolysis, and pH test
  • Test horn
  • Look at all air filters and breather filters
  • Inspect the cooling system including the hoses, clamps, cap, thermostat, water pump, and heater core
  • Battery inspection as well as cables and terminals
  • Check battery water levels
  • Differential fluid level and condition inspection
  • Suspension inspection including struts, shocks, torsion bars, joints, and bushings
  • Inspect drive axles, universal joints, and CV joints
  • Inspect tire tread and overall condition
  • Adjust tire air pressure
  • Inspect front brake pads, rotors
  • Inspect rear brakes
  • Look at all lines, hoses, and fittings.

By providing this 21-point inspection, we can catch any potential problems ahead of time which can keep your vehicle running longer. Finally, visit us today for your inspection! Also, follow us on Facebook today!

21 Point Inspection