Tune Ups and Inspections For Your Car

Summer is fast approaching and that means a lot of things, road trips, beach time, and cabins just to name a few. How is your car or truck doing though? Do you wonder if it’s going to make it through the summer? Don’t wait till your broken down on the side of the road, get your car inspected and tuned up from Mr. Muffler.

Why Should I get Tune-Ups Or Inspected?

Mr. Muffler can help inspect and tune ups

Get your car inspected before you break down this summer. Come to Mr. Muffler!

When you have an older car or want to ensure your used car lasts longer. Regular check-ups and tune-ups are part of regular car maintenance. Also, getting your car checked out every oil change isn’t enough to ensure your car’s longevity. You may notice little things that are underperforming, be it your gas mileage, brake squeaks, or a loud noise coming from the engine. Don’t leave these things to chance, or worse, damage your car. Get your car checked out or inspected at Mr. Muffler in Westland.

Here at Mr. Muffler, we have a 21 point inspection that will help keep your car running longer. When you come into Mr.Muffler we’ll check your battery, car belts, fluids levels, filters, and breaks just to name a few. We make sure your car is running well and will be safe to drive on the road before you leave the shop. Make sure Mr. Muffler is part of your car’s pre-summer maintenance before you have any trouble getting your car inspected and tuned up.

When you get your car tuned up at Mr. Muffler, we check all your car’s regular wear and then some. We make sure that your spark plugs are working, check all your wires, and replace them if needed.

Finally, with the summer in full swing, you’ll want to ensure that your car can handle any trips or vacations you have planned, come into Mr. Muffler in Westland today!

Pothole Damage Repair in Michigan

Pothole Damage

Michigan is known for weather fluctuation throughout the year. But this year we seem to be experiencing drastic highs and lows of winter temperatures. We have already seen salt trucks on the roads, which means pothole season is upon us! Also, road salt causes damage to our roads and freeways, which only becomes more damaged with the expansion and contraction caused by temperature ups and downs. Do you know where you will get your car serviced after hitting your first damaging pothole of the year?

Mr. Muffler is your go-to source for Pothole Damage repair in Southeast Michigan!

We all know that the best way to avoid pothole damage is to avoid potholes. Have you ever hit a pothole that you didn’t see? Couldn’t swerve around to avoid one? Drove over what seemed to be a rumble strip of damaged road? We all have done it at least once and gritted our teeth while doing so. Did you cause damage to your vehicle, maybe caused the front end to vibrate or wheel shake? If so, you might need a front-end alignment or tire balancing.

Pothole Damage Specializing in front end damage repair caused by hitting large potholes, Mr. Muffler can get your car back on the road quickly. Knowing where you will be having your car serviced when the unfortunate event of hitting a pothole has you stuck on the side of the road is important. In addition, Mr. Muffler, located in Westland at the corner of Cherry Hill and Wayne Rd. is available to service your car or truck. We will do an inspection at no charge to you and give you an honest assessment on what damage was done. Whether hitting a pothole caused a tire to blow, knock out your alignment, or caused other damage resulting in unsafe driving conditions, our professional auto mechanics are here to help.

Full-Service Auto Repair Michigan

Along with front end damage repair, Mr. Muffler is a full service auto repair shop in Michigan. Finally, whether you are in need of routine maintenance, brake repair or replacement, or transmissions services in Michigan, contact us today.




Front End Damage Repair

Unfortunately living in metro Detroit everyday driving takes a toll on our vehicles. Front end damage is a very common and scary problem for Michigan drivers. Potholes, construction, or collision are all common reasons front end damage occurs in cars or trucks. Driving around in a vehicle with a shaky front end can be dangerous and scary!

Common Repairs For Front End Damage

  • Tire Rotation is recommended every 5,000-8,000 miles. This helps extend the life of your tires and balance out wear and tear differences.
  • Wheel Alignments are needed if you notice that your car or truck starts to pull to one side. Be sure to have your alignment checked at least once a year to ensure your tires are not getting unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Ball Joints or bushings in the control arm may be going bad if you start feeling front end vibrations or hear clunking noises. Pulling to one side or the other may also be an indication that control arm repair is necessary.
  • Tie Rod repair or replacement or repair may be necessary if you begin to hear a squeaky noise as you turn, or your vehicle alignment seems off.

If something just “doesn’t seem right” with your vehicle, whether it is; pulling, shaking, or rattling, it is important to have your car or truck checked out. Driving with front end damage can be very dangerous as your steering  is affected and avoiding more damage is very important. Having any of the above damages to your vehicle results in unsafe driving conditions, especially in Michigan’s crazy weather and construction.Front End Damage

Get a Free Front-End Inspection!

Let Mr. Muffler help you will all your alignment repair needs. When roads start to get slippery it is important to have full control of your vehicle! Our professional mechanics will inspect your vehicle for free. Then we will give you a clear and honest appraisal of damage and a fair estimate on any necessary repairs.