Best Place To Get Your Muffler Replaced!

The season is changing and you need your muffler to work for you. Our name rings bells all around the Westland area for affordable muffler repairs. We are one of Westland’s most reputable auto repair shops. Come visit us to get your vehicle diagnosed or repaired.

Muffler Repair or Replacement in Westland

Do you think that your muffler is broken? Not getting your muffler repaired immediately, can lead to more problems and more money out of your pocket. The loud noises could violate noise ordinanceswestland muffler repair  in different neighborhoods which may lead to you getting a ticket or getting fined by a neighborhood association. Also, if your muffler has a hole in it, it can push carbon monoxide into your vehicle which can cause you to become nauseous, dizzy, and develop headaches. Continued exposure to carbon monoxide can  also lead to death. Signs that would indicate a defective muffler are loud thumping or clunking noises. Rusts and holes on your muffler can also indicate damage.

Based on the this blog post, do you think that you need muffler replacement services in Westland? Mr. Muffler is here to get your car ready for the winter. We are located on Wayne Road in Westland just south of Cherry Hill Road. Mr. Muffler is open from Monday through Friday from 8 am -6 pm and Saturdays from 8 am – 4 pm for all of your full service auto repairs.  Come see us.

Spring In With A New Oil Change

Spring time is coming! Make sure that you incorporate getting your oil changed into your spring cleaning routine. Oil is the blood of your car. It is important to keep clean oil in your car. Recently, we had a child come in with their parent to get an oil change. During the short wait, the child asked one of our staff members what would happen if you never changed the oil in your car. Many people know that you have to get regular oil changes to keep your car healthy, but few know why or what oil changes do.

Here is why you need regular oil changes

Oil is necessary to lubricant your engine. Without clean oil, it will stop lubricating your engine and it will eventually fail. If the oil isn’t changed, the additives like detergent and rust fighters will wear out and the engine will stop being lubricated. Dirt will also begin to accumulate in the oil making it thick which would cause more wear and tear on the engine.

Spring Oil Change

Mr. Muffler in Westland, a full service auto repair shop, is here to service all of your needs. Contact us now.

Never Do This In The Winter

Protect Your Windshield From Thermal Shock

With freezing temperatures in Metro Detroit, we understand how annoying it can be to remove ice from your car’s cracked windshield Michiganwindshield. As tempting as it may be removing it using hot water, is the worst thing that you could possibly do! Pouring hot water over your windshield, can cause your windshield to crack because of thermal shock from temperature change.Replacing a cracked windshield can be costly.

Take your time and slowly heat up your car using the defrost setting. If the temperature is very low, only turn the temperature knob half way to avoid cracking.


Have a happy winter and take care of your car in winter.

Mr. Muffler


How To Make A Winter Emergency Kit

Happy New Year from Mr. Muffler. We have many things planned for 2015 and we are honored to be able to share another year with you. As the year begins, we would like to remind you to be safe on the road. With temperatures in the Detroit area dropping below zero, you should have a plan in place for an emergency on the road.

Build your own Mr. Muffler winter emergency kit at home by acquiring these items:

  • Gloves, socks, hats, sleeping bags and blankets
  • Shovel
  • Water
  • Flares and reflectors for emergencies
  • Extra cell phone battery or charger adapter
  • Snack food that doesn’t expire (candy or energy bars)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries, lighter
  • First Aid Kit
  • Booster Cables
  • salt, sand, or cat litter

Daily Winter Car Emergency Tips

winter road car serviceStay in your vehicle! If you are in an unfamiliar area, you may become lost or put yourself in danger by wandering off.

Tell A Buddy! Always let someone know where you are going and how you will get there.

Keep Gas In Your Car!

It is advised that you keep over a half tank of gas in your car.

The beginning of the year is a wonderful time to get your car service. Schedule your first start now!

Don’t forget our January specials! A full service oil change is only $21.95. On brake services, we are offering $10.00 off brakes per axle.




Car Overheating in Winter

The worst time for a car to become overheated is in the winter cold in Michigan.  Here are a list car-overheat-winterof four things that you need to when your car overheats in Wayne, Garden City, or Livonia. 

4 things to do when your car overheats in the Winter

1) Stop the car

Once you notice that your temperature gauge is abnormally high, then you should pull over when it is safe to do so.  Next, you should turn the car off to give the engine time to cool down.

2) Release the heat 

Carefully open your hood so that the heat can be released. If steam is coming from the radiator cap, be extra careful because it could burn you. Allow your car to cool.

* Do not open radiator pressure cap if your engine is still hot. *

3) Check your coolant reservoir

If your car is low on coolant, then add coolant to your reservoir until it is to the full line.

4) Call for help.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Driving while your car is still overheated can cause more damage.

If your car is just low on coolant, then it may safe to drive. To be on the safe side, take your car to Mr. Muffler to get your cooling system pressure-tested or for other full service auto repair services. Pressure-testing your cooling system can help diagnose possible leaks or other problems with your cooling system. Contact Mr. Muffler today to get your overheated vehicle in Wayne County serviced.