Low Cost Automotive Repairs In Westland

Mechanics don’t have the best reputation. We know the stereotypes of the con artist and swindlers who are just trying to rip you off. When we started Mr. Muffler at our location in Westland, we wanted to be different from the rest. We wanted to offer low-cost automotive repairs in Westland at an honest reasonable price to Westland. Also, we are a part of the Westland Michigan community and aim to be your neighborhood mechanic.

Brakes and Muffler Repair Westland

Brakes and Muffler Repair Westland

Does your car or truck seem much louder than it uses to? Are you seeing something hanging from under your vehicle? It may be time for a new muffler. When searching for the best place for brake and muffler repair in Westland, the clear choice is Mr. Muffler!

Muffler repair can help your car or truck run smoother and quieter. With a damaged muffler, your vehicle can make extreme noises and may result in a ticket, having a properly mounted and functioning muffler limits the noise that comes from your engine. In addition, if you are starting to hear squeaks from your tires have your brakes inspected as well.

Muffler Repair

Mr. Muffler has decades of experience in muffler repair and will put their expertise to work for you. Of course, Mr. Muffler excels in mufflers, but did you know that in the Westland area, Mr. Muffler is the best place to go for brake repairs as well. Also, if you are hearing squeaking coming from your wheels or just trouble stopping, do not delay, bring your vehicle into Mr. Muffler for a brake inspection today.

Another give away from your brakes can be a certain smell. You may need just to replace the pads or the rotor as well. Bring your vehicle by today for an inspection. Our experienced service technicians can let you know exactly what you need to get your vehicle back to its former glory.

When it comes to brake and muffler repair in Westland, the best option is Mr. Muffler. Contact Us today or call 734.721.2800 if you are in need of auto service! If you are in Westland, Garden City, or surrounding areas, just stop on by and we will take a look at your vehicle and have you up in running in no time!