Cost of Brake Repair

Over the last couple of articles we have talked about the history of automotive brakes and how they function. Now we are going to talk about the cost of a brake repair. As you know, brakes are essential for your car to function. That means when there are problems with your braking system, you need […]

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How Automobile Brake Systems Work

Now that you know the history of brakes and different types of brakes, you might be wondering how the entire brake system works. In this second of a three part series on brakes we try to give some insight this. Brake systems are what allow people to safely slow down their vehicles. Most of the […]

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Automobile Brakes – History & Types

This Is the First in a Series of Blog Posts on Automobile Brakes Since the late 1800s, people have building and improving cars. This includes the different types of brakes for these invaluable machines. Originally, cars only had one type of brake its could use: drum brakes. These became the primary braking system for cars […]

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