Holiday Specials at Mr. Muffler!

There’s something special about receiving gifts around the Christmas holiday. What’s even more special is finding great deals on things that normally would cost you an arm and a leg. In addition, this holiday season, Mr. Muffler would like to spread the holiday cheer by offering a variety of special deals for your vehicle. Holiday […]

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Car Repair Discounts in Westland

Big Car Repair Discounts right now! Why start the new year with a car that has problems and needs to be fixed up? Car maintenance is a must during the winter and it is kicking in now! In fact, it is better to get your car inspected before winter. But, if you are a little […]

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What to Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down on a Highway

So, you’re doing 70 on I-275 in Canton when all of a sudden, your vehicle starts making funny noises. Before you can even process what’s going on, your car begins to do something you never imagined would happen: breakdown. Why did it have to be a car breakdown? What are you going to do now? […]

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