Brake Repair Westland

Brake Repair

Has your car or truck been taking a little longer to stop? Have you been hearing high-pitched squealing when pressing the brakes? Did you notice excessive brake dust on your tires? Have you experienced a grinding noise? Unfortunately, these type of warnings usually leads to bad brakes. When it comes to brake repair in Westland, your first and only stop should be Mr. Muffler.

Bake Repair From The Experts

Let the experts at Mr. Muffler repair your brakes. We use top-quality brake pads from Monroe and Wagner and we guarantee our work.  Our certified mechanics will inspect your brakes and let you know exactly what is wrong with them. From pad replacement to rotor replacement, we do it all. We do whatever is necessary to get your brakes working perfectly for you.

Your brakes may just need resurfacing of drums and rotors or just cleaning and adjusting drum brakes and parking brakes. Whatever is needed is what we can do for your vehicle. Along with brake repair, we also do a brake fluid flush and remove any air from the brake lines. We are also certified and experienced with Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS).

At Mr. Muffler, we service all the top brands of automotive such as Honda, Ford, GM, Toyota, BMW, and more. Do not ignore any type of brake issues, schedule an appointment today at Mr. Muffler or stop in and have your brakes inspected. Bad brakes can lead to a potential accident and nobody wants that.

Mr. Muffler has offered complete automotive services to the Westland area for decades. In addition, Mr. Muffler offers the most reasonable prices in the city. Give us a call today at 734.721.2800 and see what Mr. Muffler can do for you. Finally, take a look at our extensive list of auto services we offer and stop by today!