Cold Winter! Is Your Vehicle in Need of a Winter Tune-Up?

There is a good amount of work that goes into preparing for the winter. Whether if it’s cleaning up your yard before the snow hits or even changing your furnace filter, there are steps one should take to be ready for the colder months that lie ahead.

A Cold Winter Calls for a Car Tune-Up

One of the most helpful and simplest things a person can do for their vehicle is to take it in for a tune-up before the winter season arrives. Prolonging a tune-up, knowing that your car already has existing problems, will only make the conditions more harsh for the winter. It is essential that your vehicle gets checked out before something goes wrong.

With these helpful tips, we’ll make sure that your car is in tip-top shape.

Winter Car Tune-Up and Maintenance Tips

Electronic Starting

Who doesn’t want their car to start in this Michigan winter? Make sure you have your ignition system, engine choke and idle finely tuned. Just part of a full tune-up at Mr. Muffler.

Winter Tires

Investing in good snow tires would have to be on the top of the “winter car maintenance” list. This will help with stability and safety on the icy roads. Checking to make sure your vehicle is properly aligned is crucial as well.Winter tires & tune-up

Check Your Battery

Winter temperatures can put a lot of strain on your vehicle if it’s been sitting for long periods of time. Making sure that your car battery is free of any wear or corrosion and that it still has a strong charge is very important as the winter months continue.

Oil Change

Starting your vehicle in harsh temperatures can be hard on your engine, especially if it has old oil in it. By simply getting an oil change, you’ll save yourself the heartache of spending more money than needed.

Winter Tune-Up at Mr. Muffler

Although winter is here, it’s not too late to get your car system in check. Having an emergency kit on deck, changing your windshield washer fluid and blades, and getting your heater filters changed are all things that should be included on your winter checklist. Contact Mr. Muffler today for a winter tune-up and car maintenance on your vehicle and be sure to check out our winter specials.

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