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Mufflers and exhaust systems play an important role in the functioning of an automobile. Both help to prevent harmful gases from entering your vehicle as well as help to maintain a quiet ride to your next destination. Without a properly functioning muffler or exhaust system, your car and your health will be in jeopardy. Mufflers can damage, break or wear out over time, due to climate change and/or road conditions. Making sure that your automobile muffler is serviced properly is very crucial.

Benefits of Mufflers and Exhaust SystemsMufflers are what we do at Mr. Muffler

Mufflers and exhaust systems are the main components that make up your car. As soon as you notice or hear even the slightest difference in your car, you should immediately seek help to see what’s wrong with your exhaust system. The muffler and exhaust system is an integral part of your emission control system as well. If you’re old enough, you probably remember how bad it used to be when you were stuck in traffic. The exhaust fumes were so bad before emission controls.  The benefits of your emission system are as follows:

  • Reduces pollutants that are released into the atmosphere
  • Redirects harmful engine exhaust gases away from your vehicle
  • Minimizes engine-exhaust noises

How Frequent Should One Check Their Exhaust System?

Mr. Muffler suggests that you have your exhaust system checked out at least once every year. That way, it’ll be easier for you to detect when your muffler needs replacing or repairing. Getting your car serviced annually will also help to see if your emissions system has other serious problems that aren’t so easy to notice, such as loose brackets, stuck valves, and pinholes.

Mufflers at Mr. Muffler Westland

Serving in Westland and all of Wayne County for over 20 years, we are experts at muffler and exhaust systems. When coming in for a vehicle inspection, we look at everything to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape for the road. We specialize in car maintenance services, such as brake repair, and also do complete exhaust system installations, including custom exhaust system design.

Don’t be that person that everyone hates to drive behind. Get your muffler inspected and fixed today!

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