7 End of Summer Car Maintenance Tips

The end is near!  Of summer that is.  Following these 7 end of summer car maintenance tips will save you time and money over the coming winter. Each area is important for you and your family’s safety and comfort. With a proper inspection before winter, you can minimize auto repair services during the worst part of the winter. […]

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Headlight and Bulb Replacement

Having an out headlight or broken headlight on your car is never a fun or safe situation. Headlights help light the road and keep other drivers aware of where you are on the road. Not being able to see everything during times of limited visibility or at night can put you into a dangerous situation. On top of […]

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Pothole Havoc in Michigan

Have you ever been driving on a road, jamming to your favorite tune, and then all of a sudden your vehicle hits something that sounds frightening? Your immediate response is to turn down your radio, pull over to a safe spot and to check to see what it was that caused that sound. In a […]

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