Battery or Starting Problems With Your Car

Car Battery Problems

Do you have car battery problems? Is your car failing to start up in the mornings or dim headlights? This might mean that you have a bad battery. Having a good battery is important as this is the part that starts the engine and gets the car moving. Furthermore, long-term car battery problems can lead to a bad alternator or starter which can place stress upon the engine. 

Signs That You May Need a New Car Battery

Car batteries are not meant to last forever. The typical car battery only lasts three or four years. After five or six years, the battery starts to corrode and becomes completely unreliable. Fortunately, there are a few warning signs that your battery is in need of a replacement. So, let’s go over the tell-tale signs that your car needs a new battery! 

The engine is slow to start, and the check engine light is on

These are the first signs of a battery in need of replacement. The battery supplies energy to the engine which allows it to start. Once the battery starts dying, the engine will take longer to obtain this energy, therefore taking more time to start.

The Dome lights, Headlights and Radio will not turn on

If the dome lights and radio do not turn on when you enter your car and the headlights are dim, this usually means that you have a dead battery. This can happen if you leave the dome lights on overnight, experience extreme weather conditions, or have an old battery that has corroded. In many cases, a jump start can charge the battery and give you some extra time before you have to take your car into the shop.

You can hear the starter when you turn the key, but the ignition will not turn over

If you turn the key and the engine will not start, this can be a battery issue. If the starter sounds labored and chugs slowly or it makes some noise then stops completely, this is a sign of a battery issue. However, if the starter sounds normal and the car still will not start, it’s most likely a fuel or spark issue. 

The engine will not start

When a battery is completely dead, the car won’t start at all. You will not hear or feel the car starting when you turn the key to the ignition. If the battery dies completely, you will need a replacement as this signifies corroded wiring. 

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