Is It Time for an Oil Change? You Bet!

Is It Time for an Oil Change? You Bet!

You might be wondering if it is time for an oil change. Every car owner knows that you need to maintain your oil regularly. Whether it is a sunny, summer day or a cold, winter day, changing your oil is important. But how does the weather affect your car oil?

Effect of Winter Weather on Car Oil

Cold weather can have a number of effects on automobile oil. First, as the temperature drops, the oil thickens, which can make it more difficult for it to flow through the engine and lubricate the moving parts. This can increase the amount of wear and tear on the engine and potentially lead to problems if the oil is not changed regularly.

Additionally, cold weather can cause condensation to form inside the engine, which can dilute the oil and reduce its effectiveness as a lubricant. It is important to make sure that you use the proper weight oil for the current temperature and to change your oil regularly to ensure that your engine is adequately lubricated and protected from wear and tear.

Effect of Summer Weather on Car Oil

Just like cold, warm weather has a major impact on your car’s oil. When you are dealing with hot temperatures, your oil will begin to thin. As a result, the thinning oil can cause increase friction and lead to damage to internal components. During extreme temperatures, your car should not be driven due to overheating issues.

The summer weather will also cause your oil to expand. As a result, you will need more oil in order to lubricate your engine.

Oil Changes at Mr. Muffler

It is time for an oil change. However, finding a trustworthy and reliable quick oil change shop isn’t as easy as you might think. We’ve heard horror stories from our customers. Most of the chain shops have young and inexperienced technicians. That’s something you will now see at Mr. Muffler. When it comes to full-service oil changes, look no further.  Have a question about your vehicle? Ask our technicians and you’ll get answers from a professional mechanic on site.