Is Your Muffler Making A Whistling Sound? You may need a replacement

Your muffler is a very important part of your car’s exhaust system. It is also typically the first part of this system to show wear and tear. Not replacing or repairing your muffler can lead to a change in your car’s performance and higher gas costs. Do you think that your muffler needs to be replaced?

Here are a few sounds toWestland muffler repair or replacement listen for when detecting problems:

  • Hissing or whistling sound
  • Vibrations
  • Chugging

Muffler Repair Westland

Is your mufflers making these noises? It might be time to have your exhaust system repaired.  Without proper exhaust, an engine may endure blockage and cause it to overheat.  In addition, a hole in the exhaust system could cause carbon monoxide to leak into the passenger area of the vehicle. Carbon monoxide can make you ill or even cause server harm to the human body. Also, there are laws in place about the loud exhaust. You could be risking a ticket if you do not get it repaired.

Of course, whistling and loud rumbling are great indicators it is time to get it repaired. Also, we have seen exhaust hanging and dragging across the ground as well. No matter what type of repair your vehicle is in need of, take it to Mr. Muffler. Our experts can diagnose your problem and offer solutions to get you back on the road in no time. From a full-service oil change to brake repair, we can handle it all. In addition, we offer great deals and coupons to save you money on your next repair.

Finally, give us a call today at 734-721-2800, we are located on the corner of Cherry HIll and Wayne Road in Westland. Mr. Muffler is your local muffler repair expert located in Westland MI. If your exhaust system or muffler is making noises, contact us today for muffler repair or replacement in Michigan.

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