Check Tires For Air And Wear This Fall

check tires for air and wear

With the seasons changing, being prepared this fall is important. People can underestimate how changing seasons can affect their cars. The transition between summer and fall is ending. As a result, the outside temperature is declining. Yet, people always jump to winter instead of taking care of their car needs right now. It’s time to check your tires for proper air pressure and tread wear now!

Why Check Tire Air Pressure and Tread Wear?

Fall is full of beautiful color changes, football events, and Halloween fun. However, people should not be waiting till winter to start preparing your car. Because Fall temperature and climate are already affecting your car’s tires.

Tire Air Deflation

Just like winter, fall temperatures can have a significant change in tire pressure. Unless you can control the temperature in your garage, your tires will start deflating. It is estimated that tires will lose 1 to 2 pounds with every 10-degree temperature drop. Since air contracts in cooler temperatures, your tire will lose pressure. Fall temperatures in Michigan keep decreasing each week. So, it is important to check tire air pressure and tread wear now and often!

Check For Tread Wear

Tire treading can be affected by tire deflation. Since traction depends on good tire pressure, keeping an eye on the deflation is important. However, the state of your treading on your tire is important too. Tire tread is vital for tire-gripping. Without tire grip, there is a higher chance of hydroplaning and reduce traction in snow/ice terrain. Anyone can check their treading. All it takes is a quarter. You can push the quarter into the tread. If you can see the top of Washington’s head, it is time to get new tires.

Considering Tire Options

Although it is fall, it is best to prepare your tires before the first freeze. You need to understand the state of your tires. Also, you have to consider what type of wheels you will need. Do you need winter tires to handle the low temperatures? How soon do you have to replace your tires? Can I control tire deflation during the winter? All of these are important questions to answer when thinking about tire options. Mr. Muffler sells quality new tires and may have good used tires you can buy.

Quality Tires and Services At Mr. Muffler

Whether it’s fall or winter, tire care is paramount. When it comes to your car needs, Mr. Muffler has you covered. When you are buying tires at Mr.Muffler, you get $50 off a set of brand new tires! In addition, you will get free tire rotation, alignment checks, repair, mounting, and tire disposal. However, Mr. Muffler offers a variety of car services to make sure your vehicle is in peak condition!

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