Spring Oil Change

Get an oil change this SpringThe coming of Spring is the best time to get an oil change. Cars experience a lot of problems due to the change of seasons. When the temperature rises from the Winter cold to warmer Spring weather, cars can change too. Coming in for an after winter tune-up may just help you get through the summer. One checkup from us will keep your engine purring and you safe on the roads while driving this Spring. 

Car Problems after Winter

There are many problems that come with Winter. There are more potholes in the roads, which means tire problems, and excessive ice in Michigan can lead to brake problems.  When you come into Mr. Muffler for your oil change and all fluids inspection we can perform other important checks. We will give you a full brake inspection and tire rotation to ensure your driving safety. We even have a 21 point inspection to keep your car running smoothly through the turn of the seasons. And there’s more. When you come into the Mr. Muffler shop, we’ll check your battery, car belts, fluids levels, and filters just to name a few.  Tires are very important and as we mentioned they may be worn from driving on bad pavement, getting unstuck and changes in air pressure. Ask us about the tires we sell, we can hook you up with a new set at very competitive prices, do the alignment and send you on your way in short order. Check out our current coupon offers for additional savings.

Essential Auto Services in Spring

Regular tune ups are even more essential when you have an older car. Older cars don’t always have the technology to let you know what’s wrong with the car. You have to be extra vigilant when looking for problems. You may notice things that are under-performing, whether that be your gas mileage, brake squeaks, or a loud noise coming from the engine or exhaust. Don’t leave these things to chance, or you might damage your car. Get your car checked out or inspected at Mr. Muffler in Westland. Please Contact us with any questions today!

So now that you have the scoop on the importance of having your car inspected, let’s get back to the oil change. Westland, Inkster and Canton residents find our shop on the corner of Cherry Hill and Wayne very convenient. We continuously run specials on oil changes, including full synthetic oil.

Car Repair Discounts in Westland

Big Car Repair Discounts right now!

Why start the new year with a car that has problems and needs to be fixed up? Car maintenance is a must during the winter and it is kicking in now! In fact, it is better to get your car inspected before winter. But, if you are a little behind it’s okay! We still have some great offers and auto repair coupons for you. You definitely do not want to be stuck on the side of the road in freezing temperatures! The cold weather can wreak havoc on pre-existing car trouble. How would you like to take advantage of our big car repair discounts? Who doesn’t like to save money, right?

Current Savings on Car Repairs

Mr. Muffler is offering some fantastic sales for you to take advantage right now. Whether you need new tires, an oil change, or have larger issues with your vehicle, check out our current car repair discounts in Westland Michigan now. Be sure to schedule your maintenance fast, these specials change frequently and they are designed for this time of year!repairing cars for winter

Here are some examples of specials we have:

  • Full Service Oil Change Discounts
    • This sale includes tire rotation and brake inspection
  • Discount on New Tires
    • Receive $12 off four new tires. Installed, mounted, and balanced.
  • Wiper Blade Discounts
    • Receive $5 off new wiper blades.

(please use current valid coupons for super savings!)

Be sure to click here to view all, and print the coupon that you wish to use!

Don’t wait until it is too late and your smaller problem becomes a larger problem. Saving money on things such as tire replacement is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Bad tires can cause alignment issues, which can lead to front end damage or other major problems. The last thing that anyone would want to do is go into the new year and have to drop thousands of dollars fixing their car. Especially when they could have saved money with our big discounts on car repairs.

car repair savings