Why is Synthetic Oil More Expensive?

synthetic oil

Why is synthetic oil more expensive? Although minerals (also known as conventional oil) and synthetic oil seem the same, there are differences that lead to varying costs. These differences lead to synthetic oil being expensive. However, it also makes it the best type of engine oil in your car.

Purpose of Engine Oil

Before clarifying the difference between mineral and synthetic oil, let’s make it clear that these are both functions as engine oil. Engine oil is a lubricant that serves multiple functions to keep your car going. These functions include:

  • Reducing Friction
  • Cooling the Engine
  • Cleaning

Regardless if you use mineral or synthetic oil, both will lubricate your engine and do these functions. So, what is the difference between the two?

What is Mineral and Synthetic Oil?

There are only two types of engine oil; mineral and synthetic. Mineral oil is made by refining crude petroleum. The refinement process removes unnecessary contaminants and compounds. Since this oil is organic, its easy production makes it cheaper for the buyer.

However, synthetic engine oil is the exact opposite. As the name suggests, this type of oil is made inorganically. To make this engine oil, chemical transformations are made to crude petroleum. This transformation allows for specific modifications to the oil, enhancing its performance.

Although these differences seem small, the process creates clear differences and quality to these oils. In fact, it is the reason why synthetic oil is better than mineral oil.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

So, what makes synthetic oil better than mineral oil? First of all, mineral oils have a slower flow going through the engine circuit. This can cause an increase in fuel consumption. Furthermore, it can impact the performance of your car. In addition, mineral oil has to be changed more frequently than synthetic oil.¬†Many of mineral oil’s drawbacks come from its organic materials. While the process removes many of the impurities, mineral oil still has many organic components.

However, synthetic oil goes through modifications to prevent those drawbacks. Synthetic oil has impurities, but not as many as mineral oil. This allows this oil to be more effective when running through the engine circuit. As a result, there are many benefits to using synthetic oil. These include:

  • Less Fuel Consumption
  • Decreases Corrosion
  • Fewer Oil Changes
  • Flow Consistent In Varying Temperatures
  • Prolonged Engine Life

The only downside to these benefits is that synthetic oil is more expensive compared to its counterpart. Although mineral engine oil is still an acceptable and sufficient choice, a synthetic engine is certainly the best option for your car.

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