Foreign Car Maintenance

The first time you have foreign car maintenance, you have to make a choice. Do I take my car to a dealership or to another car mechanic shop? Because of some differences between domestic and foreign cars, people think they have to see a dealership for maintenance. However, that is not the case. In fact, there are many reasons to avoid a dealership and take your car to a local shop!

Difference Between Domestic and Foreign Cars

So, let’s go over the difference between domestic and foreign cars. It is helpful to know where your car is manufactured and where its parts hail from. When cars are first being sold, countries that contribute more than 15% of the parts have to be disclosed upon sale. This contributes to the difference between these two types of cars. To see the difference clearly, let’s go through the pros and cons of domestic and foreign cars.

Domestic Cars


  •  Specializes in building SUVs and trucks
  •   Supports the U.S. economy
  •   Less expensive than foreign-made vehicles


  • Lower fuel efficiency ratings
  • Lower reliability ratings
  • Fewer options for sedans

Foreign Cars 


  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Higher reliability ratings
  • Better warranty coverage


  • Replacement parts may be costlier or more difficult to get
  • Higher auto insurance rates
  • More expensive

Foreign Car Maintenance at Mr.Muffler

Although many car manuals instruct owners to take their cars to dealer service, it is not always the best option. First of all, dealerships will often charge significantly more than other car maintenance locations. The difference in prices can be astronomical, sometimes 100-225% more than a regular mechanic. It might be beneficial if you are under warranty but even then, you will be spending more money than you need. That is why you need to find a trustworthy mechanic that can take care of your car maintenance needs. Regardless of whether it’s a domestic car like Ford or a foreign car like a BMW.

Mr. Muffler and Brakes specialize in car maintenance services. We offer a variety of services including shock and strut work, electrical work, engine repair, transmission servicing, A/C services and repair, radiator flushes, and front-end work. Customers come from miles around for our excellent auto service and repair! So, don’t go to the dealership. Come to Mr. Muffler for your maintenance needs!

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