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Custom Exhaust We Do This and Love It!

Are you looking to customize your car or truck’s exhaust system? The guys at Mr. Muffler have been doing this for years! Did you know that upgrading your exhaust system in your vehicle allows fuel and gases to flow more freely? So, what does this mean for you?

  • Enhanced vehicle performance including improving fuel efficiency
  • Appearance customization
  • Sound customization

  • It’s Faster!
  • It’s Louder!
  • It Looks Badass!

When you purchase your vehicle, manufacturers do not put the best exhaust system in your vehicle and definitely not the most powerful! It is not cost-effective for them for making a profit and it does not help them with the EPA in meeting fuel economy and exhaust emission standards.  So the manufacturer’s exhaust system meets standards, but that is not what someone looking to beef up their exhaust system is typically thinking about. Also, you may need some custom bending for your exhaust system.

Custom Exhaust Tips

Now for those of you that are thinking about fuel economy, you may notice over time, some unkindly sound coming from your exhaust system.  Air may be flowing out of your muffler with a darker gray or dirty appearance. These are all signs that something is not quite right with your exhaust system. Rather than replacing your damaged exhaust system with the same lower quality manufacturers’ exhaust system; this would be the perfect time to upgrade to a better exhaust system at Mr. Muffler!

For some (mostly guys), cars or trucks are like big toys! They know that their exhaust system isn’t in need of replacement, but they just have to customize their ride. Well, guess what? We have a passion for upgrading cars or trucks! Want to put a Custom Dual Exhaust on a Ford F-150 or some Glasspack Mufflers on a Mustang?  Switching to a high-performance exhaust system is a great way to showcase your own vehicle and make a statement for yourself. But, it isn’t only the appearance and performance that you can customize. Performance exhaust systems can be customized for sound as well and we know how cool that is!  For some, it’s “All ‘Bout That Bass” (sorry), but really; there are so many levels of aggression and sound you can customize for when you rev that engine.  We can help you find the exhaust that dreams are made of!

What’s Next?

Finally, for more information on getting a custom car or truck exhaust system/mufflers, Contact Us today! Our professional, performance exhaust experts will help you get and install that perfect custom exhaust system.

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