New Year, New Tires!

We haven’t experienced any significant amounts of snow yet this winter, but keep in mind this is Michigan! Did you know that there are different types of tires for your vehicle? Winter tires can help grip the road to reduce your chances of slipping or sliding on icy roads. Not interested in winter tires, but still need to buy new tires? We can help either way! If you noticed that your tires are balding, you can see threading, or air is constantly letting out of your tires, it probably is time for tire replacement in Michigan.

Save When You Buy New Tires From Mr. MufflerGet new tires for winter at Mr Muffler in Westland

Mr. Muffler can give you excellent pricing on tires for your car or truck. Whether you are looking for new or gently used tires, Mr. Muffler can help you save money. Check out our current coupons for new or used tires. If you are unsure if you are in need of a new set of tires for your car or truck, we can give you an honest answer. Schedule an appoint for a tire rotation, and we will measure your tires treading. This will allow us to inform you if you need to buy new tires, or if your current tires still have some life left in them.  Balding or wearing tires are extremely dangerous on slippery roads. Your safety is our top priority!

Ask About Our Brake Repair Services

Not only can worn tires be dangerous during the winter months, they can also create havoc on your vehicle’s brakes. Ask your mechanic if it is time for Mr. Muffler to inspect your brakes while the tires are already off! We offer complete brake repair services in Westland, MI.

In addition to tire replacement and brake repair, our mechanics also specialize in front end work. Allow us to inspect your shocks, struts, and brakes to ensure that you are safe on the slippery roads this winter. Okay, we covered a lot more than tires, but when the snow hits, you’ll be happy you made the call.



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