Improve Your Gas Mileage!

Tips to increase gas mileageLet’s face it, high prices for gas are going to be around for a while. On top of that, used cars are more expensive to buy right now. If you have a decent vehicle and plan on keeping it, there are things you can do and have done, that can make sure you’re not wasting gas or money. As the gas prices continue to soar, many Michigan drivers are looking for ways to increase their vehicle’s gas mileage. Here are some things you can do to improve the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

Take it easy on the gas pedal!

Changes in acceleration including speeding, harsh braking, and having a lead foot will use more gas. To improve gas mileage, try to drive the speed limit and use the gas pedal gently. Maintain enough space between you and the car ahead to avoid harsh braking. Also, be conscious of traffic lights and conditions to avoid heavy acceleration or urgent stops.

Turn your car off when parked. 

Leaving your car on once parked wastes gas! To avoid wasting gas and money when the car is idle, turn the car off. Only turn the engine, air conditioning, and radio on when you are ready to drive somewhere. This ensures that you will get the most mileage out of the gas.

Use your air conditioner wisely.

Michigan weather can get hot in the summer and many people use their car’s air conditioning to keep cool. However, you waste gas when you blast that AC. To save gas, open your windows or use the air conditioning on a low setting. This will allow you to keep cool while still saving money and improving gas mileage.

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Make sure your vehicle is ready for summer with maintenance from Mr. Muffler! We can check the pressure of your tires, oil levels, and engine function to make sure your car is using gas correctly and cost-effectively. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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