Servicing Your Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

Your Local Four Wheel Drive Service Provider

Servicing Your Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

Regular service on your four wheel drive vehicle can save you a fortune in repairs

Four-wheel drive vehicles in Michigan are almost a necessity. Our winters are harsh and can do a lot of damage to your four-wheel drive car, truck, or SUV. Thankfully with routine maintenance and care you can make your four wheel drive vehicle perform better and last longer. Even in the suburbs like; Westland and Canton roads can be a challenge. A lot of side streets get pretty rough and a number are not even paved. In south Canton, for example, there are is still rural areas with fields and trails that make having a four wheeler nice. Servicing your four-wheel drive vehicle can be a hassle so keeping it well maintained and doing it before winter is advisable.

Use a Local Auto Service and Repair Shop

Make sure that you’re using the best local mechanic, we here at Mr. Muffler in Westland have been running our family owned business for over 10 years. We’ve earned our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable, we’re even accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Let us help keep your 4WD vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Be sure to check our monthly specials and then schedule an appointment or just come in!

We highly recommend checking the user manual of your vehicle to see what kind of maintenance your truck, car, or SUV will need on a regular basis. This manual will help you know service time frames on your vehicle. Things such as at when your fluids need to be changed or filled, when you should rotate your tires, and when you should get your brakes checked.

Other than the regular oil change, brake check, and tire rotation, four-wheel vehicles need extra care on with their differentials, and regular transmission flushes are recommended. 

At Mr.Muffler we can help you keep up with the maintenance on your four-wheel drive car. We offer services that you’ll need to maintain your Ford, Dodge, Toyota, or Chevy. Our services range from oil changes to engine repair and we can help out with any type of front end service.

A minor list of our services for your 4WD vehicle:

Engine Repair,

Radiator Flush 


Tire Rotation


Ball joint repair

Shocks & Struts

Brakes ()


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